Remometer is a tool to assess your company’s Readiness/Maturity and Benefits with Remanufacturing along with other Value-retention processes by challenging your current business model, production system, product design and customer relations against a more circular strategy.

Develop in 2020 at Linköpings University, Sweden, the tool is based on a seven year research within the areas of Lean and Remanufacturing.

Remometer tool is comprised of four steps:

Step 1: Define the product suitability for remanufacturing

Step 2: Measure the manufacturer’s RRL with a help of RRL Matrix

Step 3: Estimate the Socio-Economic and Environmental benefits of remanufacturing, and

Step 4: Develop an action plan to implement remanufacturing

Step 1:

Product suitability for remanufacturing assessment based on three main criteria:

  1. Technological maturity (stable product technology),
  2. High after-use value (a product is demanded by aftermarket and/or a product can be used after the first user is no longer in need of a product) and
  3. Components’ replaceability (products contains components that can be disassembled and reassembled, replaced by the components of a different model of the same product).

Step 2: Remanufacturing Readiness Level (RRL) Matrix

The Remometer approaches the RRL by measuring a company’s average score in 17 subjects spread between four areas critical to remanufacturing:

a) Business model

b) Production system

c) Product and

d) Customer

Step 3:  Socio-Economic and Environmental benefits (prognoses)

The Social benefits provide a possibility to offer a lower price on the product after remanufacturing and the greater access of the product for the customers with varied income level. Grow in local jobs due to remanufacturing is another social benefit.

The Economic benefits are estimated as a company’s potential profit.

The Environmental benefits are a portion of raw material, energy, CO2 emission to be avoided due to remanufacturing, in comparison to a new product manufacturing.

Step 4:

Based on the three previous steps the company receives the result of the Remometer tool assessment, upon which a plan for implementation of remanufacturing/improvements in remanufacturing at the company can be developed.


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